SCIENCE Control and co-ordination And our Environment important question



  1.   correct receptor is a)gustatory receptors detect taste and olfactory detect smell  b)both  gustatory and olfactory receptors detect smell
  2. Electrical impulse travels in the neuron as a) dendrite, axon , axonal end ,cell body b) dendrite ,cell body, axon , Axon end.
  3. In a synapse chemical signal  is transmitted from a) dendrite end of one neuron to axonal end to another neuron b)Axonal end of one neuron to dendrite of another neuron
  4.  Change of electrical signal to chemical signal takes place at ______? Involuntary actions are controlled by medulla in fore brain/in hind brain/in mid brain.
  5.  Correct sequence of the component of reflex arc is a)Receptors, motor neuron, spinal chord , sensory neuron , muscles b)Receptors ,Sensory neuron , spinal cord , motor neuron ,muscles.
  6. Which is true  A )A sudden action in response to something in the environment is called reflex action and the path through which Singal are transmitted from receptors to muscle or gland is also called reflex arc  B)  Sensory neurons carry signals from receptors to spinal chord
  7.  True statement A)The main thinking part is done by hind brain B) Cantres of hearing ,smell, memory sight are located in fore brain C) IN Voluntary action like saliva ,vomiting  BP are controlled by medulla in the hind brain
  8. a)Posture and balance of the body is controlled by  cerebrum/ medulla/cerebellum b)spinal chord originates from _______ c) which hormone is synthesis by Iodine? What is insulin where is it produced and what does it do?
  9.  Movement  of plants towards light is ______  What is the main function of abscisic acids in plants ?The growth of tendril in pea plants is due to a)effect of light b) effect of gravity c)rapid cell division in the tendrillar cells that areaway from support
  10.  Where are these hormones produced  a) Adrenaline b) testosterone c) Estrogen  d) Thyroxin . write their functions.
  11.  Growth of pollen tubes towards ovules is due to chemotropism /hydrotropism/geotropism.? Movement of sunflower in accordance with the path of sun is due to  phototropism/geotropism
  12. i) A person suffering from severe cold   cannot differentiate  a)taste of ice-cream b) smell of perfume ii)Dwarfism is due to less secretion of adrenaline/ growth hormone iii) Puberty in the body of boys and girls are due to ______________iv )The fertility in male increase due to ______.
  13. Which gland is unpaired? The life of  human being  are controlled and regulated by  a) Respiratory and Nervous system b)Nervous and endocrine system c)Endocrine and digestive system.
  14.  Name the hormones  used in a)elongation of cells b) growth of stem c) promotion of cell division d) falling of senescent leaves.
  15. a) what is tropic movement ?  b)What will happen if a person intake low amount of iodine in diet ? c)Draw the structure of neuron and explain it c) what are the major parts of brain and explain the functions ?  d)Name the types of plant Hormones with functions  Explain reflex action with example .
  16.   What is the functional unit of nervous  system  and largest cell of the human body. ?  what are the main division of nervous system ? What are the main parts of nervous system.?
  17. What do you mean  by response of stimulus? Apart of nervous system which another system  with control and co-ordinate various function of body ? ( Endocrine or hormonal system). IN plants  the nastic movement of plants and breaking of dormancy are controlled by which hormone ? (Phytochrome)
  18. A car driver suddenly apply the brakes when he found a child is crossing the road in front of speeding car  which organ system was the first to operate in act? what action is done suddenly ? Name the bony box in which brain is placed. Name the fluid which mechanically support the brain ?
  19. Which part of brain is responsible for auditory reception and sensation of smell.? which part of brain controls the respiratory Centre ? (pons present in hind brain )  Name  the part pf brain which controls the involuntary action. and voluntary action? Part of brain responsible for intelligence and memory?
  20. What CSF and ECG.? Name the scientist who gave the name Hormone  (Bayliss and Starling)
  21. The control and co-ordination of all hormones producing glands is lost in the person which gland becomes non functional.? (Pituitary gland)Name the hormone secreted by parathyroid glands and it’s function ? Why is oxytocin is called birth hormone?
  22. Name two hormones of pancreatic islets. ? Name the hormone in human body  which secrete digestive enzymes and hormones? which gland is called exocrine and endcrine gland?

23.Name the hormone secreted by endocrine glands during emergency. Name the gland which secretes this hormone . Which hormone in the human body which regulate  carbohydrate, proteins and fats metabolism  where does it take place? What  problem is caused if  pituitary do not function properly? How is spinal chord protected? What Happens if cerebellum  get damage

our Environment

  1. What is ecosystem ? what is the advantage of using disposable cup over the plastic  in parties  ? what are the reason of the generation of  greater waste materials? why there is hue against CFC? Name the devices in which CFC is used ? Name two non biodegradable waste?
  2. Why forest and lakes are called the natural ecosystem.? Aquarium is artificial ecosystem how? Name the first and last trophic level Autotrophs , carnivores , herbivores ? How do the changes take place in environment ? Why are the first trophic level are green plants ? List the two component of environment ?
  3. In the food chain  100  J energy is available to the lion how much energy is present to  producers. I) Make the food chain of frog, grass ,insect ,snake ii) Make the food chain Peacock, Frog , Grass ,Snake, grass- hopper iii) make the food chain  fox rabbit  grass and tiger
  4. What is the chemical formula of Ozone? What is the nature of Ozone ? what is the function of ozone layer ? how the ozone layer is depleting and how is it dangerous to us
  5.  What is he difference between biodegradable and non – biodegradable? Which of the following are bio degradable  or non biodegradable items  DDT, Crop residue , Leather ,glass , Cotton cloth, paper ,wool ,silver foil, leather, earthen pot, tomato leaves ,aluminum wire synthetic fiber
  6.  Name the two abiotic and biotic factors . Give the main environmental problems .?
  7.  List advantages of using cloth /gunny bag over polythene bags.?
  8. How pesticides like DDT sprayed to kill pest on the crops are found to be present in soil ,ground water and water bodies  explain how they reach to these places.
  9.  Sun —->Phytoplankton—->Zooplankton—–>small fish ——-> big fish what does it show about food chain.? If lake is contaminated with pesticides which of the following organism will have biological magnification  small fish, pelican birds , zooplankton , Phytoplankton ,big fish ? why?
  10. If there are no micro-organism what will happen to garbage, dead animals and plants.
  11. What is biodiversity ? What will happen if bio diversity of aera is not preserved?
  12.  Which is better a plant is taken by man directly or plant eaten by goat and the man ears goat why? what will happen to grass lands if all grazers/herbivorous are removed from the surface of earth ? what happens if all decomposers are eliminated from earth ?
  13.  a)Draw a schematic diagram of different food chain b)show energy flow of food chain by figure
  14. What is trophic level ? Explain 10% law with example ? Explain food web.

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