ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Important questions


  1. Define the terms a) National Income b)GDP c) Literacy Rate d)Human Development Index e)Infant Mortality rate f)UNDP g) Life Expectancy h) per capita Income and it’s advantage i) Final goods and services j) sustainable development and it’s importance. k)BMI l) Net attendance ratio
  2.  What is the main criteria used by world Bank in classifying different countries ?
  3. Why the total income of the countries not used to make comparisons between them ?
  4.  Why is per capita income is calculated in dollars not in their own currency ?
  5. Explain the limitation of per capita income of development ?
  6.  Kerala with low per capita income has better human development ranking than Punjab so per capita income is not a useful method to compares the state.
  7.  Why  is Sri Lanka  better than India in HDI in2004?
  8.  Conflicting  goals can also be development goal Discuss .
  9. What are the common goals of development? Give examples .
  10.  Money cannot buy all the goods and services that one needs to live well  Justify the statement ?
  11.  Why do the people look at mix goals for the development?
  12.  On what basis the Rich and poor countries are categorized in the world? what are the limitation of the approach
  13.  Explain any five fields other than income where development is needed most ?
  14. Write at least five difference between developed and developing countries.

Sectors of the Economy

  1. Classify sectors of  the economy on the basis of ownership, on the basis of  nature of activity ?
  2. Define : a) Disguised unemployment b) Primary Sector c) Secondary sector d) Public sector e)Tertiary  Sector
  3.  Which Sector of economy is larger employment giving sectors?
  4. For how many days of guaranteed employment are provided under national rural employment guarantee act 2005 of NREGA ?Why is it called right to work and objective ? Suggest the ways to create employment in Rural aera ? Name the sector in which government owns most of the assets and provide all services ?
  5. ATM is the example of which sector?
  6.  Explain the contribution of public sector in the development of economy ?
  7. The problem of under employment is not confined to only to agriculture discuss . How can we solve the problem of under employment ?
  8. What are final goods and intermediate goods ? How do they help to calculate GDP.?
  9.  What is GDP? How can it be measured ?
  10. How can we create more employment in secondary as well as tertiary sectors  For the development of Rural and Urban aera ?
  11. Write the demerits of private and public sectors of India ? Describe different kinds of  Tertiary sectors employment
  12.  Write the features of public and private sectors Their role in the development of Indian Economy?
  13.  How can workers in un organized sectors can be protected  explain the example ?
  14. Compare the employment conditions in the organized and un organized sector
  15.  Write % share of each sector in GDP for 2011-12 and 2022-23.
  16. Write % share of each sectors in employment ?


  1. Name the institution which print the currency in India ?
  2. Why do the bank ask for collateral during loan ? What do the banks do with the deposits they accept ?
  3. Define : a)terms of credit b) Bater system c) Investment d) double coincidence of want e)Demand deposits  f)Money g) Collateral
  4. What is the main source of credit for Rural Households in India ? Why are they important?
  5. Which body supervises the functioning of  formal sources of loan ?
  6. “Modern  currency is without any use of it’s own” then why is it accepted as a medium of exchange ? Why one can refuse if payment is made in rupees in India.
  7.  How does the deposits with banks become the source of income ?
  8. Compare formal sector loans and informal sectors  loan with respect to interest rate .
  9. Why  are most of the poor are deprived of formal sectors loan ?
  10. Which country has successfully organized SHG? Who started the Programme .
  11. Credit has unique role in the development of country Discuss
  12. Money is used in everyday life discuss.
  13.  Explain with Examples how people are involved with banks ?
  14. Why is it necessary for the banks and co operative societies to increase the lending facilities in rural aera
  15. Deposits with the banks are beneficial  to the depositors as well as country economy ?
  16. Who takes the major decision regarding the saving and loan in SHG ?
  17. How much cash do the bank have with the total cash amount? (15%/20%/10%)
  18.  Which currency is used International medium of exchange?
  19. Who established Grameen Bank in Bangladesh :a) Shoaib b) Muhammad Yunus

Globalizations and  Indian Economy

  1. What is Investment Give a few examples of investment .?
  2. Which organization  laid stress on Liberalization and when  and why did India adopted the policy of Liberalization ?
  3. Discuss the role of government to make globalization fair ? Write it’s advantages .
  4. Why did Indian Government put trade barriers after independence
  5. How do we participate in market as producers and consumers ? explain with example .
  6.  How has information and communication technology stimulated globalization process Explain with help of example .
  7.  How globalization affecting the stability in jobs for the workers ?
  8. What is globalization and how Indian companies benefited by it ?
  9. How is the government of India trying to attract more foreign investment?
  10. Improvement in technology stimulated the globalization how ?
  11.  Explain the impact of globalization over Indian Economy?
  12. What are the main impacts of Globalization over  India?
  13. What is WTO,it’s major aim write the two shortcomings of WTO.?

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