ENGLISH LITERATURE Important questions


last lesson

  1. Why were some elderly persons occupying the back benches that day ?
  2.  Why did Franz not want to go to school that day ? What did Franz wonder about when he entered the class that day ?
  3. Why did M Hamel wrote “Vive La France” on the black board ? What does it mean ?Why didhe cry at the end of class ?
  4. “We have got a great deal to reproach ourselves with” Said M Hamel Comment .
  5. What shows M Hamel love for the French Language ? What had been put up on the bulletin board ?
  6.  Who did M Hamel blame for the neglect of learning on the part of boys like Franz ? What was unusual about M Hamel Dress on his last day in the school ?
  7. What tempted Franz to stay away from school? What was the order from the Berlin called a thunderclap by Franz?
  8. Why does M Hamel reproach himself for his students unsatisfactory progress in students ?
  9. What did M  Hamel tell  about the French Language ?What did he ask them to do and why ?
  10. What did Franz see when he passed the town hall ? ” But the thing that surprised me the most was to see—–“What surprised Franz most in the class ?
  11. This is your last French  Lesson  How did Franz react to this declaration of M Hamel .
  12. What were Fraz’s regrets after M Hamel  announcement of his last lesson ?
  13. Why did M Hamel  not scold Franz  When he came late in class ?
  14. Franz thinks “Will they make them sing in German , even the pigeons” What does this tell us about the attitude of the Frenchmen .
  15.  Our Language is the part of our culture and we must be proud of it Discuss how M Hamel regret for neglecting the native language ?
  16. Everybody during the last lesson is filled with regret comment ? How was M Hamel a different teacher while giving his last lesson
  17.  We realise the worth of something either before acquiring it or after losing it Explain this with reference to  the lesson
  18. What impression does M Hamel leave on you ?

Lost Spring

1. i) What was the reference of Chappals  in the story  about the economic condition of ragpickers /” It is the tradition  to stay barefoot ” what does it tell about  ragpickers of Seema Puri ?In spite of despair and disease pervading the lives of slum children they are not devoid of hope ?  How far are you agree ?

ii) Describe the irony of Saheb’s name ? What job was Saheb  doing and was he happy  to work at tea stall ? what does writer mean when he says  Saheb is no longer his own master ?

iii)What did garbage mean to children and their parents of Seema Puri/ Survival in Seema Puri means rag picking comment.

iv)What does Saheb look in the garbage dumps? What does the title  The Lost Spring convey ?

v)Why did Saheb’s parents leave Dhaka and migrate to India

vi)In what sense garbage is gold to ragpickers ?

vii) Whom does Anees Jung blame for the sorry plight of the bangle.? What was Mukesh dream ? Do you think  will he be able to fulfil his dreams ?

viii) How is Mukesh different from the other bangle maker of Firozabad . how was he under the burden of two world ?

ix) Why could the bangle maker not organized as co-operative ? Mention the problems  faced by bangle maker ?

x)Why does the author says   that the bangle  makers caught in a vicious web of poverty? Explain the life of bangle makers in Firozabad ?

xi)Why is Mukesh not ready to do his family business of bangle making ?

xii) How is the attitude of Saheb and Mukesh Different from one another ?

Why should child labour be eliminated and how explain on the basis of lost spring ?

Deep Water

  1. Why did Douglas fail to come to the surface of the pool as he hoped ?
  2. Why YMCA pool was preferred by Douglas? What shocking experience  did he have in the pool?
  3. What did the writer learn from the drowning  experience ?/How did writer experience at YMCA affect him ?
  4. All we have to fear is fear itself when did  Douglas learn this lesson discuss ? Why was Douglas determined to overcome his fear ?
  5. What lesson did Douglas learn when he got rid of his fear of water? How  did Douglas finally get rid of fear he had of water ?
  6. Which two incident made Douglas scared of water ?
  7. What were the series of emotions and fear that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into pool .?
  8. How did the instructor helped Douglas to over come the fear of water ?/ what were the efforts made by writer  to overcome the fear?
  9. Why did Douglas go to lake Wentworth in New Hampshire ?
  10. What did Douglas experience when he went down to the bottom of the pool for first time?
  11. What sort of terror seized Douglas as he went down the water with yellow glow ? How could he feel he was still alive ?
  12. Desirre, determination and diligence lead to success . Explain the values of these qualities in light of Douglas
  13. The instructor was finished but I was not finished what does writer mean ?
  14.  The experience had deep ——-grew in intensity (fr book ) Douglas had fear of water  how  did he became victorious  what qualities did he have to do so ?


  1. Why did the crofter show the 30 kronor to the peddler? How did crofter received the peddler ?
  2. Why was peddler happy at crofter’s home? Why  did the peddler knock on the cottage by the roadside ? Why was crofter so talkative and friendly to peddler? Why did peddler keep to woods after leaving the cottage of the crofter ?
  3. Why did Iron master speak kindly to the peddler and invite him home?/ how did the Iron master react on seeing the stranger lying close to furnace?
  4. Why did Elda still entertain the peddler even after she vagabond away ?
  5. What conclusion did the Iron Master reach when he heard that the crofter had been robbed by the peddler ?
  6.  What was the content written in the letter given by peddler to Elda ?  Was Elda happy to receive the gift ?
  7. What did the peddler do to keep his body and soul together ?
  8. Why did the stranger not tell the iron master that he was not Nils Olof ? why did the peddler decline the invitation of Iron Master ?
  9. Who was the owner of Iron mill ?Why did he visited at Night ?  Was the stranger go to the Elda’s House and how ?
  10. ‘Elda sat and hung her head even more dejectly than usual’  which were the two reasons that forced her to do so .
  11. Why did peddler sign the letter as Captain Von Stahle ? Why did peddler accept the invitation of Elda ?
  12. Peddler believed that the whole world is rattrap how did he himself get into it ?
  13. To be greatful is a virture of a gentleman How did peddler showed  his gratitude ?
  14. Elda proved to be much persuasive than her father while dealing with peddler?
  15.  It is  saying “Kindness pays rudeness never” What are your views about different characters in this reference of the story?
  16. How far title  of Rattrap is justified ?


  1. How did Shukla succeed in persuading Gandhi to visit Champaran ? Why Did he want to take Gandhi ji  ? Who is Raj Kumar Shukla?
  2. How did Gandhi ji influence the lawyers at Champaran and how did he help  the peasants of the Champaran
  3. How did Gandhi ji influence the lawyers at Champaran and how did he help  the peasants of the Champaran ?
  4. Why did he feel taking the Champaran case to court was useless?
  5.  Ad Why did servant think this Champaran  Gandhi ji was the other peasant and how ere they treated at the house of Dr Rajender Prasad ? Why did Gandhi ji go to Muzaffarpur before going to Champaran?
  6.  Adde Why do you think Gandhi ji considered the Champaran case to be the turning point of his life Explain ? AWhy did Gandhi say “the battle of Champaran is won ” what did he mean to say so .
  7.  AddeHow did Gandhi look after the Ashram from the long distance at  Champaran ?
  8.  AddeWhat made  Gandhi demand 50% refund from British Landlords and what was the settlement  and why did he agree for 25%?
  9.  AddeWhat made the Lieutenant Governor drop the case against Gandhi
  10. DeletHow did Gandhi ji influence the lawyers at Champaran and how did he help  the peasants of the Champaran
  11. AddedHow did the peasants of Champaan  react when the came to know Gandhi had come to help them ?
  12.  Addewhat did peasants pay to landlords as rent ? Added: How did Raj kumar  established that he was `resolute?
  13.  AddeWhy did Gandhi ji object CF Andrews stay in Champaran ? AddeWhat did Gandhi ji do to remove the cultural and social backwardness in the Champaran Village ? Why it is considered the be beginning of Indian Struggle for Independence ?
  14.  Added:  Describe how, according to Louis Fisher  Gandhi ji succeeded in his Champaran Campaign ?
  15.  Add Give an account of Gandhi efforts to secure justice foe the poor indigo  sharecroppers of Champaran ? How did Gandhi Ji used Satyagraha and  non violence at Champaran his goal ?
  16. Our scriptures  tell us that determination and perseverance are cardinal virtues of a good human being. Raj Kumar Shukla was determined as wellas persevering because owing to these traits he succeeded in taking Gandhi ji to Champaran Gandhi ji in turn had tis traits too  Do you agree  with it? How  can young students today these qualities to make successful career ?
  17. Freedom from fear is more important than legal justice for poor  explain with reference to Indigo and Views of Gandhi ji ?
  18.  Why was Raj Kumar  was resolute ?


  1. What was Sophie’s ambition in life ?How did  she hope to achieve that ? How is Sophie and Jansie different from  each other ?
  2. Why is Sophie attracted to Danny Casey? Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny ? Which was the only  occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in Person ?
  3. Why did Sophie long for her brother’s affection ? Did Geoff Keep up his promise? How do you know ? Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence ?
  4.  What is unrealistic about  Sophies’s  dream of her future life ?  Why did Jansie discourage Sophie from having dreams ?
  5. How do we know that Sophie’s family lived in the poor circumstances ?
  6.  What was the reaction of father when Geoff told him about meeting of Sophie with Danny Casey ?
  7. What thoughts came to Sophie’s mind as she sat by the canal ?
  8. Why did Jansie discourage Sophie from entertaining thoughts about the sports stars ,Danny Casey ?
  9. What did Sophie tell Geoff about her  meeting with Danny Casey? Did he believe  Sophie ?
  10.  Every teenagers has a hero/heroine to admire >so many times they become role models for them whatis wrong if Sophie fantasies about Danny Casey and ambition in life ?
  11. Write the character sketch of Sophie as the living in the world of dreams?  .Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ?
  12.  What was Sophie’s plans for future ?Why would you call her dreams unrealistic ?
  13. Draw a character sketch of Sophie’s father ?
  14.  Going to places how far do you feel that sadness and unfulfilled desires can’t be carried for long time .
  15. Sophie lives in her fantasies . She hopes to make it big  . You realise that the modern days youth are like her .Write an articles  that how it prove to be harmful with reference to the story



  1. Why has the poet brought in the image of the merry children  spilling out of their houses  what does it show ?
  2. What was the parting words of the poetess what does  it  mean ?
  3. What were the feeling of the poet at the airport and how did she hide her feeling ?
  4. Why are the young trees described as sprinting ?
  5. How did mother look like during the drive to Cochin?
  6. Why did Mother face was compared as late winter’s moon ?
  7. What was the poet childhood fear ? What kind of pain does poet feel in the poem?
  8.  How does Kamla Das try to put away the thoughts of her ageing mother  ?

Keeping  Quiet

  1. What can human being learn from the nature ? What symbol  from nature does the poet involve that there can be life under stillness?
  2.  Do you believe that in the poem  keeping quiet the poet advocate the total inactivity and death ? How can suspension of activity help ?
  3. What kinds of different wars are mention the poem?
  4. According to Poet Neruda  can keeping quiet change our attitude of life ?
  5. What are the images in the poem Keeping Quiet shows that the poet condemns violence ?
  6. What sadness that the poet refers in the poem ?
  7. which is the exotic moment that the poet refer in the poem ?
  8. What will counting 12 and keeping still help to achieve ? Why does one feel a sudden strangeness on counting ?
  9. How is keeping quiet protect environment ?
  10. How is keeping quiet related to life when poet says “life is what it is all about “
  11. How is the Earth a source of life when all seems to be dead ? How is keeping quiet affect life in and around the sea?
  12. Do you think  the task of keeping quiet is important in the modern world  how  explain with the help of poem ?
  13. How does poet shows disharmony between  nature and man ?


  1. What images does the poet use to describe the beauty bounty of the earth ?
  2. What is the message given by poet in the poem ? Why Grandeur associated withy the mighty dead ?
  3. Why does a thing of beauty never pass into nothingness ? How is a thing of beauty is joy for ever  and help us to live happy life.?
  4. How does a thing of beauty provides shelter and comfort ? What spreads the pall of despondence over the dark spirits how is it removed? What makes human being love life in spite of all troubles?
  5. What does Keats consider an endless fountain of immortal drink and why does he call its drink immortal? which objects of nature are mention as source of joy?
  6. Mention two main source of pain and sufferings ? Four things of beauty give us joy ?


  1. How  does the poet describes Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers ? What is the Symbol of Tiger , Fingers and ring  stands in poem ?
  2. How do the words denizens and Chivalric add to our understanding in the poem? Why did Aunt choose the embroider tiger on the panel ?
  3. What kind of married life did Aunt lead ? Why did she make prancing proud and unafraid tigers ? How does Aunt expresses her bitterness and anger against male dominance ?
  4. How was Tigers different from her ? What are the difficulties that aunt  faced in her life/ what was the ordeals faced ?
  5. Why does Aunt Jennifer create animals that are so different than her character ?
  6. What is the weight that lies heavy on Aunt Jennifer’s Hand ? Aunt efforts to get rid of her fear was futile explain ?
  7. What picture of male chauvinism (tyranny) do we find in the poem ? what is the symbols used in the poem ?
  8.  What is the significance of uncle’s wedding band ? Why is it heavy for aunt?
  9. Aunt Jennifer’s Fingers fluttering through her wool even the ivory needle  hard to pull why ?


What is the childish longing of the folk who had put up the roadside stand ? why is it in vain ?

The government and other social service  agencies appear to help poor rural people  but do them no good  Pick the  words/ phrase used about it ?

Imagine the child from the farmers family migrate to the city for education.As the child write back to your family telling them whether you  would / would not want to turn  into a city person  by using the context of the poem write a letter .

What are untold sorrow of the owners of the roadside  stands ?

Why do the people want money? What was the poet’scomplaint in the poem ?




  1.  why did maharaja decided to get married ? what problem did maharaja faced after killing 70 tigers and how did he solve it ?
  2.  When did maharaja decide to double the tax of villagers ? why was maharaja once about to lose his kingdom ? How did he solve the problem or saved ?
  3. When maharaja was ten days old a prediction was made about the future of tiger king what was ironical ?
  4.  What did the British Officer secretary tell the maharaja ? why did maharaja refuse the permission ? What traits it tell about  both of them ?
  5.  Why did maharaja ban the hunting of tiger of the state ?
  6.  why was maharaja anxious to kill 1ooth tiger ? How did the tiger king become the victim of the 10oth tiger ? who killed the 100th tiger and why ? What was ironical in it?
  7. What gave the astrologer the greatest  surprise of their life while they were studying the horoscope of the ten day old prince? How did the prediction of the astrologer come to be true  Explain ?
  8. What was the warning given by astrologer to the Tiger king when he killed the first tiger ?
  9.  How did Dewan manage to bring the !00th tiger?
  10.  What led the maharaja to start out on the tiger hunt ?
  11. Describe the efforts made by Tiger king to achieve the target of killing 100 tigers ? How did  maharaja  celebrate the victory of 100th tiger ?
  12. The Maharaja ‘s servant s were obedient and adoring discuss ?


  1. What was the chief concern of  Sadao ‘s father about him ? What was his father’s dreams  how did Sadao realize it ?  How can you say that Sadao’s father was very traditional and  conventional in nature ?
  2. When , where and how did Sadao meet Hana ? What was the role of American Professor in bringing Hana and Sadao together ?
  3.  Why was Sadao not sent with troops ?
  4.  At which condition did Sadao find the American soldier at seashore ? Why did he treat the soldier even it was unpatriotic act on his part ? What was the reaction of Yumi when Hana told her to wash the wounds of the white soldier ? Why did Hana wash the wounds of white man ? How did Hana help him in the treatment ? What forced him to be impatient and irritable with patient ?
  5.  Why did The General not order immediate arrest of Dr Sadao on giving shelter to American/ why did he spare the American soldier ? Did Hana think the Japanese tortured their prisoner of war ? Why ? What secret plan  did the General have about American soldier staying at Sadao’s  Was it executed ?
  6.  In what context Hana remember the cruel nature of General ?
  7. How nearly had Dr Sadao missed marrying Hana? What was the reason for Sadao speak sharply to Hana and what was her reaction during treatment  of Whiteman ?
  8. Who sent the messengers to Sadao and why ?
  9.  How did Sadao planned to escape the prisoner ? how did he ensure that he himself remained safe and secure ?
  10.  How did the gardeners and other servants reaction when they came to know about wounded American ?
  11.  Dr Sadao faced a dilemma should he use his surgical skill to save the wounded  or hand him over to police How did he resolve his clash ? / Dr Sadao was patriotic as wellas dedicated surgeon  How could he keep both the values ?
  12.  How was the peace of Sadao was destroyed on the arrival of POW ? Do you believe that Sadao’s decision was the best under the circumstances
  13.  Explain the experience of Sadao in America ?
  14. Explain the character of i) General  ii)Hana III) Sadao
  15. Describe the  difficulties’ faced by Sadao  during the treatment the POW.But Sadao searching the spot of black in the  twilight sea that night had his reward ? what was the reward ?


  1.  How does Mr Lamb react when Derry entered his garden ?What kind of garden Mr lamb had ?
  2.  How did Derry handicap  damage the life his life ? Why did Derry stay away from people ? Why did Derry insist to go back to r Lamb ?
  3. In what sense the friendship between Mr Lamb and Derry was fruitful?
  4.  If you were to give the ending of the chapter what type of ending would you like to give
  5. As told by Mr lamb  why did  he locked himself within the house .How does Mr  Lamb keep himself busy when it is bit cool ?
  6. What peculiar things does Derry notice about the old man ?
  7. Who was Derry what did he suffer from ?
  8. What does Mr lamb leave his gate opened  of his house ?  What did Derry’s mother thinking about Mr lamb?
  9. The lesson shows the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by people on account of disability
  10.  How did Mr Lamb try to give courage and confidence to Derry ? What changes took place in Derry after this ?
  11. Derry said ” It ate me up ” what did he mean to say ?
  12. Derry and Lamb both are the victim of physical impairment but their attitudes are different discuss
  13. The actual pain  caused by physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by person due to disabilities What kind of behavior that person expect from others
  14. In which  section of the play does Mr Lamb display the sign of loneliness and disappointment? In what way Mr Lamb overcomes his feelings ?

Memories of Childhood

  1. Describe the experiences Bama had on her way back home? When did Bama first come to know of the social  discrimination faced by the people of her community ? Why did the landlord’s man ask Bama brother in which street he lived ? what was significance .
  2. What made  Zitkala feel sad and crying first day on land of apples ? How did Zitkala try to prevent the shingling of hair ? Why was Zitkala terrified when Judewin told her that her hair would be cut short? Why did Zitkala mention eating by formula ?
  3. “I felt like sinking to the floor ” says Zitkala When did she feel so and why ? Why  did Zitkala  resist the cutting of her hair ?
  4. What was the advice that Annan gave to Bama ? How long would it take Bama to walk home from her school ?
  5. How could Bama rise above the indignities ? What were the articles in the stalls and shops that fascinated Bama on her way back to home ? What activities of the people would Bama watch in  Bazaar ?
  6.  What was much common between Zitkala and Bama ?
  7.  What comic incident did Bama narrate to her brother and what was her brother reaction ?
  8. Only an untouchable would know the pain of being  one Dalit consciousness cannot be illustrated as poignantly by people from the other caste ,Do you agree with the statement .
  9. Explain the  similarities difference in the discrimination they faced their feeling determine to overcome the success in reference to the story
    How did the scene she saw in the market place change Bama’s life ?

    What activities did Bama witness on her way back from school

    What oppression and discrimination did Zitkala and Bama experience during their childhood? How did they respond their respective situation

    In India the so called lower caste have been treated cruelly for long time what advised Bama to fight against the prejudice  when and how ?

    THIRD LEVEL  : How  did the world help  Charley to confirm his doubts regarding the third level .

    What had happened to Sam the narrator’s friend ?

    Why  could Charley not be convinced by the distraction that the 3rd level was only a wish fulfillment ?

    Why did the booking clerk refuse to accept the money from Charley ?

    Why did  Charley ran away from 3rd level

    Why did Charley suspect that Sam had gone to Galesburg ?

    Why does Charley say that Grand Station is growing like trees ?

    How did Charley reach the third level and how is it different from other ?

    There has been intersection of time and space in the story explain ?

    JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE EARTH ; Why are youngster called the future policy maker of earth.?

    When did the author start her journey  to Antarctica  and what she had to pass through ?

    Why does Tishani Doshi  call her trip to Antarctica Journey to the end of the world write her experience of the trip

    How is the global temperature  increasing? What are the immediate effects ?

    Why was Antarctica the place to go to if we want to study the earth past, present and future ?

    Take care  of the small things and the big things will fall into place elucidate the relevance of this statement in the context of the environment in Antarctica .

    THE INTERVIEW : Why do celebrities dislike interview ?

    Are Mukund and Eco on the same page when it comes to their views about Eco’s work ? How can  substantiate your response with reference to interview

    Who ,in todays world , is the chief source of information about personalities ?

    Unch Unchange
    Unchanged Unchange



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