Important R C T of English Literature

My Mother at sixty six :  (refer book for complete para )

  • (para 1)  — and felt that  old ——I did was smile and smile —– questions: a) What was  a childhood fear that troubled the poet? b)what do the poet’s parting words suggest ?c)why did the poet smile and smile ? d) explain that old familiar ache ? what is the poetic device ? e) what was the speaker emotions and  what does but mrean
  •  (para 2) ——– I saw my mother —— and realised with pain ——  (question ) a) Who is I b)what did I realise with pain c) Why was realisation painful ? d)Which thought did the poet put away  e) What is the meaning ” ashen like a corpse ” f)Name the poem g)where was the poet going h) find the figure of speech
  • (para 3 )–and looked  out at young trees —-familiar ache — ( question ) a)How can trees sprint b) Why did the poet look at her mother again ? c)What did she observe ? d) Figure of speech ? e) How do you know that the joyful  scene didn’t help her drive away the painful thought? f) what is the symbolic meaning of merry children ?
  • (para4 ) I saw my mother —— put that thought away  (questions) a)What worried the poet when she looked at her mother ? b)Why was there pain ? c) Why did she put the thought away ? d) Find figure of speech

Keeping Quiet ( Refer the poem  for book)

  • (para 1  ) Now we  count to twelve —–  not move our arms  a)What is the significance of twelve? b) which Two activities  does poet want to stop c) What does poet mean ” let us not speak in any language ” d) explain of pun of arms ? e)How long does the poet want to be still f)What does he hope to achieve
  • (para 2 ) It would be an exotic —-strangeness  a) which is an exotic moment  b)why would that moment be strange c) what does poet advocate in poem d) What does poet mean by engine e)what will happen if there is no rush or engine ? f)How do we feel at this moment g) what it refer i) Who is the poet speaking to ?
  • (para 3 ) If we were not so single —– ourselves with death a)Whom does we refer to ? b)why does poet want us to do nothing ? c)What is sadness in the lines ? d) How can a huge silence do good to us ?
  • (para 4) Perhaps the Earth ——– and I will go  a) What does the earth teach us ? b) What does poet want to achieve by counting 12  c) significance  of Keeping Quiet  d) what is always alive even when every thing seems to be dead ?  give one example e)Name the poem and poet ? f)How can we achieve the state of seems dead ? g)How does the Earth teach us that there is an activity even in apparent stillness ?
  • ( Para 5) For once on the earth —-not move arms . a) why  does the poet want to keep quiet b)What does he want us to do for one second ? c) what is the ” not to move arms so much ” d) How can this moment of stillness help us ?
  • (para 6) Fishermen —– hurts hands  a)What does the poet expect of the fisherman and why ? b)Will gathering salt what will the man do ? c)What do the hurt hands imply ? d) How would man and nature is benefited ?


  1. (para 1)It’s loveliness increases——- quiet breathing  a)Whose loveliness will keep on increasing ? b) what does it mean it is immortal c) what is bower ? d) Why do we need sweet dreams ,health and quiet breathing  in our life ?
  2. (para 2) And such too is ——– heaven’s brink  a)Name the poem and poet b)Who are the mighty dead c)What is the endless fountain of immortal drink ?  d) what does brink mean ? e) what is the thing of beauty mentioned in these lines f)What image does the poet show  ? g) What is immortal  ? h)what do we by stories and  magnificence
  3. (para3)Spite pf despondence of ——– our dark spirit  a)Name the poem b) Give cause of human suffering c)what moves away the pall from our lives d) what is gloomy e) Why are we despondent f) What remove the pall from our dark spirit ? g)Explain the in human dearth of noble natures
  4. (para 4) Some shape of ——- dark spirits  a)How does beauty help when we are burdened with grief ? b) Explain some shape of beauty c) Find the figure of speech d) Why our spirit refer as dark ?
  5.  (para 5) Therefore on every morrow ———-for our searching a)What  is Morrow? b) why do we need flowery band ? c) What is inhuman in life ? d) What are we doing everyday e)Which evil thing do we possess and suffer from g)what are the circumstances that contribute towards making human unhappy and disillusioned with life h) What message does the poet convey ?  i)What do you understand by  unhealthy and over darkened ways?
  6. (para 6) A thing of beauty ——-quiet breathing  a)What are the effects of beautiful things on man ‘s spirit ? b) How is it joy for ever c)List any two things of beauty  mention in the lines  d)what does poet mean  ” Pass into nothingness” ?
  7.  (para 7) —and clear hills —-musk rose blooms  a)what is the role of clear hills b)How has the mid forest brake become rich ? c) fig of speech of cooling covert

Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger :

  1. (para 1)Aunt Jennifer’s  finger’s ———Aunt Jennifer’s hands a)What was aunt doing with her wool b)Why does she find it difficult to pull ivory needle ? c) What does wedding band means ? d) Describe the irony of 3rd line ? ?
  2. Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger ——- chivalric certainty  a) Why are the tiger is known as aunt’s tiger? b) How is it described in lines  c)How is it different from aunt’s tiger d)what does Chivalric mean  e)What does the world of green mean f)Why are the tigers not afraid of men beneath the tree g)What does poet mean  denizens of a world of green ?h) What are her tiger symbolic of ? Who is they ? Where are they? why are they not afraid of men ? What doe poet mean by sleek ? Name the poet ? i) word similar to “to move / to leap about ” Explain the phrase in which it represent that Aunt tiger was not real

(para 3) When Aunt is dead —— unafraid . a)Who is Aunt mentioned here  b)Why is she ringed wit ??h ordeals c) what is the difference between her and her tiger? d) Why Aunt created the tiger very different from her own character ? e)Why her hands terrified f)Why did she make the tiger g) What will happen to her tiger after her death ?

The THIRD LEVEL : He said I was unhappy——from reality . a) Why  didn’t Charley grandfather need refuge from the reality b)Why was Sam Verdict make Charley ‘s wife mad ? c)What were the  condition of modern world ? d) Sam’s explanation  to the reaction of Charley’s wife was—-

Para : Now I don’t know ——-Lousia, my wife a) The incident took place while he was ——-b)What did Charley want ? c)Why did Charley not want to escape anything ? d) What is the writing style of the writer ?

Para : Have You ever been ——-tickets for that a) The author wants two tickets to a place what year does he wish to go back ?b) The author asked the question to whom ? c)  Tremendous trees whose branches meet overhead and roof  the  streets is the example of ——— d) How is the life been described in para ?

Para : Yes I’ve taken ——-at Grand Central Station a) Why did the narrator got a psychiatrist ?b)Walking dream wish fulfillment  according to the psychiatrist in the lesson ? c) The third Level according to Charley was ——- d) what does the psychiatrist explain to Charley?

JOURNERY TO THE END OF EARTH : Will  the west Antarctic ——layers of ice  a) What does the phrase mean “May or May not be”? b) Find the word meaning “Perfect” c) Why does Antarctica hold importance ?d) The question asked by narrator signify ——-?

Para : Students on ice —– not to be affected by it a) Students in Ice is ——- headed by Geoff  Green . b) Characterize the  celebrities   on your understanding  from para c) Give suitable title d)Why did Green start his students on ice programme ? e)The life changing experience referred to here —— f)Future generation policy maker refers to ——-  g) What is the aim of journey towards Antarctica  h) was the programme become successful

Para :

LAST LESSON: Poor man ——-daring to look up  a) list the two details discussed by M Hamel in para b) what was the reaction of Hamel for non performance c) The old men of the village on the back of benches ——– d)Who is poor man ?  and cental idea of extract ?

Para :Then from one thing ——–heads at one stroke  a)What advice of Hamel shows that  he was a patriot indulging in sentimental exaggeration ? b) Explain “The French language—–in the world from the above para c) What is inference from the lines ” M.Hamel went—–forget it d) Identify the line which shows that it was last class of M.Hamel  e) Why was narrator feeling the last class easy f) complete the sentence: A language gives a culture and national ——— to the people and moulds their perceptions.

Para : My children ,this is ——–at the town hall . a) what does writer mean ” what a thunderclap these words were to me ” ? and what is the tone of fraz .? c) What is the feeling M Hamel in the lines ? d) What did Fraz realized that the order was put up on the bulletin board ?

LOST SPRING; Unaware of what his name ——is on explanation a) What was writer purpose in allowing the boys to speak for themselves as opposed to his  commentary b) What does writer mean ” an army of barefoot——-disappear at noon ” c) What  was the comment about mis matched shoes ? d)The phrase “he answers simply ” means in one word ?

Para : Listening to them —- motor mechanic  he repeats a) Who is being  burdened under the baggage  of the two worlds ? b) Stigma of  caste means c) What is Brutal in extract ? d) who is narrator ? e) Baggage mean in para ? f) what is the role of Sahukars g) Writer finds ———

Para : To do anything ——–staring at ground a)What was Mukesh supposed to be if not motor  mechanic b) I will Walk what does Mukesh mean ? c) Is Mukesh reasonable how ?d) Why does writer ask for driving aero plane ? e) what does it mean “daring is not the part of his growing up ”

Para : Food is more important ——-a child  it is even more  a) Give two details  of rag pickers   b) What  is transit home mean ?  c) The rag picking  has attained the position of skill d) For the child garbage is ——-

Para  Together they imposed—— from his home  a) Who are they ? b) What is not the part of his growing up ? c) How do you say Mukesh dream require determination  and sincerity ? d) Why does the writer state the boy accepts bangle making as naturally as his father ?

ENEMY :  She crouched close—–always contradicted. a) The para has been taken from ——-b) What does confute mean ? c) The young American was wounded because ——  and belongs to ——?

Para : The master ought ——- take revenge on us . a) complete the sentence :The speaker of the given lines does not like Whiteman because ——- b) Represent the nature of para c) Give suitable title of extract d)Why the speaker did not  want the the white man to live ?

Para :We must simply —–prisoner of war .a) Complete the sentence  : Dr Sadao will not be arrested on the charge of harboring an enemy—– b) Who is them ? c) Who speaks the lines d)What will Sadao and Hana do wit the man ?

Para : His father had taken ——- What we make it a) Who is the little boy  b) What is steppingstone c) what does yonder mean in para  d) Where shall we step from them he asked seriously replace the word seriously with suitable  word

Para : In the afternoon the second ——– is that all . a) Why  did the messenger  came to Sadao ?b) Name the lesson and writer c) Unaccustomed labour means —- d) what was Hana fear ?

Para : Because he was perfecting ——–kept in Japan , a)Why was Dr Sadao not sent with troops ? b) What kind of a person was the father of Sadao ? c) The  General referred  in para is —- d) How does the General help Sadao ?

Para : Not by you ——- while he sleep a) there is a need to assassinate him because —— b) List the speaker purpose behind getting the white man assassinated ? c) What character do you find about General ? d) Who hatched the plan to kill the Whiteman was he successful ?

RAT TRAP : As he walked along ——–turn had come a)Why  is peddler  decided to take the other way ? b) ———–  caused him no difficulty during the early hours c) How did the peddler fall into rat trap ? d) Give the textual clue that protagonist had fallen to the prey to rat trap e) smartness refer to ——

Para : But of course —— said the iron master a) What does writer mean ” thing are going downhill” b) why did  the protagonist not reveal his true identity ? c) The peddler was incorrigible fellow because ——- d) Write the personality of ironmaster can be extracted from the para  e) What important information do you get about Nils Olof ? f) Write idomatic expression  of peddlers doing i) Silp of  tongue ii) pull wool over some eye iii) to err is human to forgive is divine iv ) the sleep of the just

Para :  Once upon  a time ——– in his eyes . a) The peddler — thievery what does the sentence  mean ?b) What does peddler appearance signifies ?c) Who is the writer ?  d) Phrase  to keep body and soul together means  ?  e) What are rags?

ON THE FACE OF IT  :  Derry (panic) I’ve got ——I like sitting  a) What does “only you climbed the garden wall ” mean b) How did Derry enter the Garden c) Do you think Mr Lamb was angry to Derry what does say  d) Should Derry get angry to Lamb ?

Para : Friends everywhere ———-so have you a)Why Lamb always keeps the gate of his garden open .b) What does it tell about speaker c) What does it mean gate always open ? d) Name the writer of the story

Para  Derry : things ——– Mr Lamb :In that way ? No  You won’t  a) What is the purpose of contradiction in both ? b) What is the attitude of Derry towards other people ? c) What does ” Handsome is as handsome does ” mean d) Give the reason why narrator use the nature images in  example ?

Para : Derry It won’t make —– mother could love ? a) What was the purpose of play wright ? b) What is whisper mean ? c) How did people treat Derry  d) The person who called Derryis terrible thingin the para is ———

Para : Mr Lamb : Like a bomb —— world would be ? a)  How is Derry and  Lamb related b) What was the stranger belief of Derry about people ? c) The attitude of She in para d) What does “you can burn away inside ” mean ?

INDIGO :  But the Gandhi was ——- all bound together  a) Why did Gandhi  taught the sharecroppers the lesson of self reliance ? b) Rajender Prasad who was a lawyer  later became ——- c) what is Fiercely mean ? d)Why  did Gandhi  vehemently opposed the idea of taking help from Charles Andrews e)  He had read our minds correctly what does Rajender Prasad mean ?

Para : The news of Gandhi advent ——- size of their fee  a)What was the mission of Gandhi in para b)  Against whom were the case fought ? What does their cases mean ? c) complete the sentence  The fact that the  sharecroppers from Champaran began arriving on foot shows that —— d) How do you conclude that lawyer did not care for peasants’

Para : He was involved —— the penalty due , a) Give the details Gandhi ji gave in para b) Why did Gandhi ji call fighting for rights of the poor farmers as national service ? c) What was the consequences of the  court proceeding? d) Why did Gandhi ji disobey the authority ? e) Central idea  of para  f) Conflict of duties means ——?

DEEP WATER : Then I started down ——–curtain of life fell a) What does writer mean the curtain of life fell  b) After a while——- in water means ? c)The author shows the gradationof what stages of fear ? d)when the curtain of life fell. Douglas surrendered before death and with—— crossed to oblivion .

Para : It seemed a long way ——-tinge to it  a) Why did  nine feet deep poolseem ninety to Douglas ? b) I imagined I would bob  to the surface like a cork  what does it imply ? c) pick the word  which means ” make a quick ,short movement up and down ” d) Where did the event took place ? e) ” It seemed a long way down what does author mean ?

THE TIGER KING : The Maharaja and the Dewan ———Retain his kingdom a) The narrator’s purpose  using phrase  a good lady b) What was the emotions behind sending rings to the wife of British officer ? c) On which issue did Maharaja and Dewan  hold deliberation ? What does the line “within no time—- for your gift” mean

GOING TO PLACES :And afterwards you wait —–exultant approbation  a) What does author wants to portray through the words and she saw it all again ? b) what does author mean ” No taller than you no bolder than you ” ?  c)What does writer mean by the prodigy the innocent genius the great Danny Casey d) Which prodigy suits for Danny Casey as professional football player ? e) find suitable word in para which means Lumbering

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