Job  Application

  1. You have seen the advertisement a s you are qualified for  job write an application with complete resume  ADVERTISEMENT; INDIA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY DELHI requires  Accounts officers  qualification  BCom ,experience minimum 4 years, job requirement of maintaining books ,preparation of balance sheet salary : best in the industry, Apply to Managing Director   .(2017 cbse) * (cbse 2020) * * (cbse 2023)
  2. You have seen the advertisement the Sunshine Public school requires two sports coaches each should have degree holder in physical education and SAI cetified coach  write the job application with complete  resume .(cbse 2017)
  3. Bal Vidya Public School urgently requires a post graduate teacher to teach political science for which they have placed in advertisement in the Bhila Express You are Sanjay draft a letter including CV(cbse 2018)
  4. You are Sherya .write job application for the post of a nursery teacher /PRT in YK international school Ghaziabad the candidate must have experience of minimum 3 years of teaching of primary classes, should have energetic and pleasing personality, attractive salary write to the principal of the school. (cbse2019)
  5. The Gandhi Foundation is recruiting the graduates for intensive leadership training programme during the summer in villages across India You are Beni of Ratnapura Viilage apply for the training .(cbse2019)
  6. You are Prabhat a resident of college road ,Bhopal .you saw an advertisement for the post of Marketing Manager   In Chaitanya Enterprise Mumbai Write to  the firm :CHAITANYA ENTERPRISES requires an experienced marketing office for Mumbai Branch  Candidate must be B.SC/BCom in marketing ,6 years experience ,with effective writing and communication skills, understanding of marketing techniques, knowledge of MS office ,social media and web analytics (cbse 2021) SCHOOL
  7. With reference to various advertisements  write the job application  a) FOR THE POSTOF FOOD TECHNOLOGIST   preferred skills 2 years degree / diploma in food technology, with more than 2 years experience with competency in basics computer skills, send bio data to manager  CREDENCE Pvt  Lucknow b) SKILL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE requires  trainers for computers /car mechanics  candidate must be professionally qualified ,competent with 5 years experience  write application to the Director of the institute Meerut. c) SK Global SOLUTION requires software engineer the candidate must well designed software. Develop layouts ,must execute development cycle  must be B TECH computer science, experience 3-5 years. d) SJ FOOD Pvt Ltd. requires manager must be graduate, MBA ,strong interpersonal and communication skills, computer competency  experience of more than 5 years you are Rajat of JJ colony  Bhubaneshwar. e) ROYAL INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL requires English teacher for primary classes  the candidate must be graduate, Montessori, with strong inter personal and communication  skills,experience 3-5 years with computer competency .write to Mr sham  Principal  . (CBSE 2023)


Article writing

  1. Our performance in Rio Olympics was not good which shows that we do not pay much attention  to athletics and out door games so write an article on “Importance Of Outdoor Games” you are Sreeja . (2017 cbse)
  2. every teenager has dream to achieve something in life, what they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today .write an article what I want to be in my life. you are Smita (cbse 2017)
  3. Recent floods in metropolitan cities of the country during the monsoon season laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of the preparedness .The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem while no one was ever held accountable. Write the article on common man woes during the monsoon season and need for accountability of the officials concerned. (2018 cbse)
  4.  Grow more trees to reduce pollution write an article on the topic  for school magazine (cbse 2018)
  5. Hard work and punctuality are essential for happy and successful life which help the person to get the desire target of our life .You are Kavya write an article on the same expressing the importance of hard work and punctuality. (cbse 2019).
  6. The recent killing of AVNI the tigress which had two  10 moths cubs has disturbed you. You  felt that human encroachment and greed of land grabbing companies are the cause of it. write an article to be published in the National Times about the concern and need to take urgent step to stop the decline in number of tigers in India You Are Amit . (cbse 2019)
  7. write an article ” Role of father in family” who fulfill the responsibilities of family with affectionately (cbse 2020)
  8. Wearing the school uniform  gives an identity ,pride  and feeling of despline write an article on Importance Of wearing  Uniform in the school  (cbse 2020)
  9. The return of the Cheetahs will help in the restoration of open forest and grassland ecosystem on India .you are bela write an article how your views on how this will help conserve bio diversity wild life and soil conservation. HINTS:  ecological balance of nature, helps keep food chain place, maintain ecological stability,divesity ensure healthier ecosystem cultural significance and good for mental health . (cbse 2023)
  10. You travel to office by metro rail everyday you are delighted to observe how well it is maintained  write an article expressing the views on the sense of civic responsibility include  keeping clean -no smoking/no littering  ,disciplined travel, our responsibility, it takes us home.(cbse 2023)
  11. You are there are frequent power cuts in your locality you strongly feel that it is time to shift to solar powe  write an article on the topic ‘solar power an apt global solution for energy crisis ” support renewable  energy, reduce the energy bill, completely clean no pollution  low maintenance cost. (cbse 2023)

                                                                Report writing

  1. Cultural society of Sunshine Public school organised an adult camp in its neighborhood  being a secretary of the society write a report on camp for your newsletter. (cbse 2017)
  2. History Society Of Kendriya Vidyalaya Krishna Nagar sent a group of students to visit a place of historical interest .You Anita were the leader of the group for school newsletter on the tour describing the place, its history, how you reached there and all that you have learnt.(cbse 2017)
  3.  Write the report on Effect Of Pollution on quality of life for the school magazine  of MMD public school Delhi. (cbse 2019)
  4. You are Sohan an active member of Animal Lovers Club which works for the welfare of animals by preventing cruelty to them Recently you visited Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care  Home .You were pleasantly surprised to see the good treatment given to the animals. Write the report giving the points injured dogs and cats abandoned pets  very old  animals all are very well cared for wee equipped medical room and veterinary surgeon and green surroundings. (cbse 2018)
  5. In your locality  a blood donation camp was organised by NGO For Your Health .Many people visited the camp and donated the blood  write the report for local newspaper  covering the arrangement ,doctors and refreshment served. (cbse 2019)
  6. The eminent psychologist Dr Madhu was invited by your school to speak to the students on subject “how to maintain  robust mental health”. She deliver the speech without using the medical terms after the lecture the students asked many questions which was answered by her very patiently and gave many tips useful for mental health .Write the report for your school magazine describing the session with psychologist  you are Noor of Hill public school Sonipat cbse 2019d
  7. A programme on Swatch Bharat Mission was organized in your school on Mahatma  Gandhi . Posters were prepared and pasted in the near by colony, the procession was  taken out .School Premises and surroundings were cleaned People was advised to make mission successful write on the programme You are Lata . (cbse 2020 )
  8. On your way to school right in front of the school gate you saw a verbal dispute leading to physical   fight between an auto rickshaw drive and passenger .A teacher of your school intervened  found the cause resolved the dispute. write the report on the incident (cbse 2020)
  9. The Ministry of Transport New Delhi  organised the one day AUTO MELA at the institute of Driving Saket to motivate the drives to take up commercial driving. The day long event was in augurated by commissioner of police Mr S P Mehra. The event started with the introduction of commercial driving  its rules and regulation, followed by basic training session in self-defense run through of licensing process and a sale of second hand cars ,you are Anita write the report mention date, main features and response.(cbse2021)
  10. You are Kanika student reporter of Galaxy School Your school  celebrated annual sports day recently write the report for school magazine mention date venue time chief guest opening ceremony sports event prize distribution.(cbse 203)
  11. You are ANILA write the report on the debate competition held    in your school ADD CLUES :INTER SCHOOL DEBATE  COMPETITION ,TOPIC ;India -The new educational destination , date, time venue ,each team comprises of 3 participants one for motion and other for against  prize distribution  as certificate of participant to all cash prize to winners. (cbse 2023)
  12.  Your school recently conducted an Inter School Heritage Quiz Contest  as a student  Amit write a report mention day date time and venue  include  know you heritage  history, mythology, culture , monuments ,handicraft , attractive prizes for audience question Friday 14 th march  St Marks School. (2023 cbse)


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