Science class10 Metals& non- metals & Carbon compounds important questionst


  1. Why metals become dull when exposed in air? Name two metals which are ductile and malleable .
  2. What is thermal conductivity of metal? Name  the metal poorest conductor of metals.?
  3. a)Arrange the following  in decreasing order of electric conductivity  Mercury , Copper, Tungsten ,Aluminum . b) arrange decreasing order of reactivity  Cu ,Al , Ca , Au.
  4.  Metals are sonorous  explain.  Name the non- metals which are solid at room temperature.  Name the metal which is found in abundant in the earth crust.
  5. Name the metals having low melting point.  What is the general nature of metal oxide?
  6. A non-metal X exists in two different form Yand Z  ,Y is the hardest natural substance where as Y is good conductor of electricity find X,Y,Z.?
  7.  Name one metal and one non- metal in liquid form . Name  Two amphoteric oxide.
  8. What happens when Mg is burnt in ignition temperature.? *What happens i) Fe and ii) Cu  is heated separated at very high temperature ? Name the metals which do not react with air at high temperature.
  9.  What happens when metal react with water write the reaction ? Name the metals that react with hot water and steam give the equation in each case
  10. Name the metals that react violently with water? Name the metals that does not react with dilute acids . Name the compound which is formed when reacted with hydrogen.
  11. What happens when a piece of Ca react with water why does it float over the surface of water write the reaction . write the reaction of iron with water ?
  12. Why  Na ,K, Ca  metals form hydrides by combing with H2 gas but other metal does not
  13. A  element M on heating with oxygen form M2O this dissolve in water and turn red litmus blue substance  Name M
  14. A metal X on heating in air does not burn but acquires  black coating substance Y  name X and Y with the reaction.
  15. what happens when Zn is reacted with CuSO4. write the reaction..
  16. P ,Q,R,S,T, represent metals in decreasing order of their reactivity series which of the metal is likely to found in free state  and which will be in the top of the series.
  17.   Metal A has two oxide  first AO second is A2O ,first one is neutral and other is acidic in nature  is ” A”  metal or non-metal.
  18.  Name the metal that react with dilute HNO3 give the reaction , Why does Cu  does not give H2 gas when react with dilute H2SO4
  19.  What is electrovalent compounds ,show the formation of NaCl by Na and Cl. ? what can you say about the solubility of electrovalent compounds,
  20.  Write electronic configuration of element having  atomic number 11 ,   13
  21. Why ionic compound  are hard crystalline solids, Name the  metals never found in free state.
  22. a)Which metal is found as oxide, sulphide  in earth’s crust . how are they extracted Name the chemical process used for obtaining metal from metal oxide.. b) why are carbonate and sulphide ores are usually converted  into oxide during extraction.
  23. write the equation when manganese di oxide is heated with aluminium powder.
  24.  What is corrosion ? Name the metals which do not corrode . Is corrosion  advantageous  if so than how ?
  25.  Name the metal  corrode in atmosphere , Why  does silver article become black when left in air  name the compound formed and why copper articles becomes greenish if left in air what  compound is formed.
  26.  Give one word for statement  a)Metal oxide behaves as basic and acidic  b) Iodine a non- metal is shining
  27. Write the chemical reaction  a)when steam is passed over  aluminum/ red hot iron b) CO2 is compressed in water at high pressure c) A copper plate is dipped in the solution of silver nitrate it becomes black why? d) Classify the acidic and basic oxide  Na2O, SO2 ,MgO ,CO2 e) ZnS is heated in air
  28.  a)Why no hydrogen gas  is evolved when metal react with dilute nitric acid . give the name  & reaction of the metal that reacts with it b) Why do ionic compound do not conduct electricity in solid state..
  29. Aluminium is used in making utensil Which of the following property i) Good thermal  conductivity ii) good electrical thermal conductivity c) Ductility  iv)high melting point .
  30.  Which of the following is not ionic compound  KCl/ HCl/CCl4/ NaCl.
  31.  Which of the following property of  ionic compound  i) Solubility in water ii) Electric conductivity in solid state iii) high melting and boiling point iv) elctric conductivity in molten state
  32.  Galvanization is the method of protection of iron from rusting by coating with thin layer of which metal.
  33.  Stainless steel is a mixture of  a) Ni and Cr  b)Ni and Cu
  34.  Na/ Ca/Fe/Cu which of these elements obtained by electrolysis
  35.  2 ml of conc. HCl and conc. HNO3  are mixed in ratio 3:1  taken in three test tubes  A, B,C  a small metal piece is added in each test tubes  metal in A ,B  remain as such but metal in C completely dissolved  which metal may be in A and B Al/Cu/Au.
  36.  Alloy is element   of homogenous mixture/ heterogenous mixture
  37. During the electrolysis of Znic it deposit at  cathode/ anode/ remain in solution.
  38.  Na/P/Ca is  very soft cut with knife  react vigorously with water and kept in kerosene oil
  39.  Which of alloy contain mercury  stainless steel/ Znic amalgam /solder
  40.  Reaction Between Xand Y    ,X loses  electron and Y gains and form Z  what are the properties of Z
  41.  Electric configuration Of X is 2,8  Y has 2,8,7  Z has 2,8,2 which of them is metal
  42.  Which reaction is possible MgSO4 +Fe/ ZnSO4 + Fe/  CuSO4 +Fe and why ?
  43. Which are the constituents of solder which property is used in it to join the wire
  44.  A metal liquid at room temperature can be obtained from it’s sulphide  identify the metal and reaction
  45.  what happens when a) ZnCO3 is heated in absence of air b) mixture of Cu2O and Cu2S  is heated c) Name metal and non-metal in form of liquid at room temperature. d) what is roasting and calcination of Znic ore.
  46.  An element A react with water to form compound B whichis used in white wash on heating it changes toC which if treated with water  gives B again  write compound A,B,C and reaction related to it.
  47. Metal A  does give H2 when react with dilute acid but gives black substance B  when reacted with oxygen  what is A and B
  48. CuSO4 solution is kept in iron container after few day the containers had many wholes why. write the reaction.
  49.  Explain why  a)Reactivity of Al reduces if it is dipped in HNO3 b) Carbon cannot reduce  Na and Mg oxides
  50. Two metal ore A and B  taken on heating A gives CO2 and B gives SO2 what steps will you take to covert into metal.


  1. Write the electron dot structure of    ethyne C2H2 ,ethanol C2H5OH methane CH4 and ethane C2H6. Draw the structure of ethanol and ethanoic acid . Why is the conversion of ethanol to ethanoic acid considered  oxidation reaction write the oxidizing agent
  2.  What is homologous series of carbon compounds . Make the choice i)C2H6O ii)C2H6O2 iii)C2H6 iv)CH4O
  3. Why is carbon able to form numberless carbon compounds. why does it form covalent compounds
  4.  A compound A (C2H4O2)react with Na to form B compound evolve the gas with pop sound ,if A is treated with alcohol it gives C in the presence of acid to form the sweet smelling compound (C4 H8O2) on addition with NaOH it forms D name the compound A,B,C,D.
  5.  what happens when ethanol is burnt in air. what happens when ethanol is reacted with Na. write it’s structural formula of ethanol what happens when it is heated with excess of conc.H2SO4 at443k.
  6.  Write the properties of co-valent compounds. why are alkanes also called paraffins.
  7.  What is saponification? Write the difference between  soaps and detergents ,it’s chemical composition  ,action with hard water and biodegradability..
  8. Give IUPAC name of the following  i) CH3-CH2-Br ii) CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-C=CH2 iii)CH3-CH2-CHO  iv) CH3 – CH2 -OH
  9.  Write the physical properties of  ethanoic acid  and ethanol
  10. What are isomers ,draw the structure of two isomers of butane  pentane?
  11.  What happens when ethene react with water in presence of concH2SO44
  12. Why the reaction of methane and chlorine is called substitution reaction
  13.  Complete  the reaction  a)CH3COOH +Na2CO3 ——> b)C2H5OH +Na ———>          c)CH4 + Cl2 —– sunlight —->    d) CH3CH2OH +[O] ——alkaline KMnO4—>                e)CH2=CH2+H2 —-Ni——>      f) C H3-CH2 OH —- conc H2SO4/443k —–>              g) CH3COOH + NaHCO3 —–>    h) CH3COOH +C2H5OH ——–>                                     i) CH3COOC2H5 +NaOH ——-> j) CH3COOH +NaOH —->
  14. What is fermentation How is Vinegar produced by ethanol  and by methanol write the  chemical equation for both the cases write the use of acetic acid
  15. On dropping a small piece of Na into the organic compound  A with molecular formula  C2H6O in a test tube a brisk efference is observed  with pop sound with bringing the burning splint near the mouth of test tube, A changes to B when heated in excess of conc.H2SO4. write the equation  find A and B.
  16. An Organic compound A  molecular formula C2H4O2 react with Na gives gas B which readily catches fire. A react when react with ethanol in the presence of conc  H2SO4 to form  sweet smelling substance C  Find A,B,C. write the chemical equation.
  17. What happens when an ester is treated with an alkali solution. Hydrolysis of ester
  18. Two carbon compounds A and B  molecular formula C3H8  and C3H6 which of them is likely to have addition reaction write the reaction  useful vegetable oil to ghee.
  19. What are micelles ?How does it help to clean the clothes

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