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Astrology is the science of planet movement and it’s effect on the human nature due the movement of the planets.

Some basic principles as:

In the astrology there are nine planets i) Sun/Suryaa ii) Moon/ Chandramma iii) Mars/Magal iv) Mercury/ budh v)Jupiter/guru vi) Venus/ Shukra  vii) Saturn / Shani viii) Rahu/ Dragon’s head ix) Dragons tail/ Ketu

First seven are visible planets and last two are shadowed planets

Sun  is soul , Moon is mind, mars is energy, speech is mercury , science & Knowledge is Jupiter , Sex is Venus , tension and difficulties is Saturn whichever is strong it gives the power to it’s basic character.

There are tri characteristic found in Nature i) Stava Guni ii) Rajas Guni  iii) Tamas Guni

Sun , Moon, Jupiter  are Stava Guni in this the person have courtesy, brilliant, have good thoughts, believe in god and power of nature.

Mercury and Venus are Rajo Guni  such persons have power wealth, luxurious and licentious

Saturn, Mars, Rahu , Ketu are Tamas Guni having full negative thoughts, selfish, cruel, atheist, Cheat, always causes trouble to others and become happy.

Sun, Mars, Saturn are cruel planet .

Moon, Jupiter, Venus in friendly zodiac or with friendly planet /Mercury always give good result , If Mercury is with enemy such as Rahu , Ketu give bad result. Neech/less powered Moon do not give good result Mercury and Moon are  auspicious planet but when related to some inauspicious give bad result

Jupiter and Venus are auspicious  Jupiter makes the man spiritualist and Venus makes the man luxurious and selfish.

Sun, Mars Rahu Jupiter are Male Planets , Moon ,Venus ,Rahu are female Mercury, Saturn Ketu are genderless .

i)Aries/ Scorpio lord Mars  i) Mesh/ Vrashtak  lord Mangal  H  1/8

ii) Taraus/Libra  lord Venus  ii)Varsh/Tula lord shukar    H  2/7

iii)Gemini/Virgo lord Mercury iii) Mithun / Kanya lord budh

H 3/6

iv) Cancer/ Karka lord Moon House 4

v ) Leo/Singh  lord sun House 5

vi)Sagittarius/Pisces Dhanu/ Meen lord Jupiter  Hose 9/12

vii) Capricorn / Aquarius  makar / Kumbh  lord  Saturn 10/11

Ouch Rashi :Exaltation planets

i)Sun in Aries with 10°(exalt)== Libra with 10°(Debilitate)

ii)Moon in Tarus with 3° (exalt)== Scorpio with 3° (Debilitate)

iii)Mars in Capricorn with 28° (exalt)= Karak/Cancer with 28°(debilitate)

iv) Mercury in Libra with 15°(exalt) == Pisces /Meen with 15°(debilitate)

v)Jupiter in Cancer/ with  5°(exalt)  == Capricorn/ Makar with 5°(debilitate)

vi)Venus in Pisces with 27° (exalt)== Virgo/ Kanya with 27° (debilitate)

vii)Saturn in libra/Tula with 20° (exalt)  == Aeries with 20°(debilitate)

viii) Rahu in Tarus with 15° (exalt) == Scorpio with 15° (debilitate)

MooltriKona is  of dignity of planet when it occupies its own sign but with certain degree where it performs its task and duties in high efficient manner. It is powerful and gives  full force .

i)Sun in Leo  (1–20°) M === Leo (20°- 30°) Sava Rashi

ii)Moon in Tarus (3- 30°) M ==== Cancer (1-3°) Sava Rashi

iii) Mars in Aeries (1- 12°) M === Aeries (12°- 30°) Sava Rashi

iv) Mercury in Virgo (16- 20°)M == Virgo (20- 30°) SavaRashi

v)Jupiter in Sagittarius (1- 13°)M  = Sagittarius (13 – 30°) SavaR

vi)Venus in Libra/ Tula in(1- 10°)M = Tula/ Libra (10-30°) SavaR

vi) Saturn in Aquarius/ Kumbh in (1-20°)M == Kumbh ( 20-30°)S

vii)Rahu  in Aquarius/ Kumbh( 1-30°) == Capricorn and Virgo(SR)

Note: When any planet lies in exalt state it has it’s full power , If it is in Mooltrikona state it’s power is 75% in Sava Rashi is 50%  or in friendly sign it is 25 % powerful.

Same is the effect with enemy planetary conditions.

Friendly Relationship

Sun <===>Moon   , Sun <===> Mars  ,Sun

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