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MACRO ECONOMICS part 1 (a) basic concept

BASIC  CONCEPT   BASIC CONCEPT OF MACRO ECONOMIC Macroeconomics is the part of economic theory that studies the economy as a whole, such as national income, aggregate employment, general price level, aggregate consumption, aggregate investment, etc. Its main instruments are aggregate demand and aggregate supply. It is also called the ‘Income Theory’ or ‘Employment Theory’. Macroeconomics is concerned with economic …

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STATISTICS class XI part 2

DIGARAMATIC PRESENTATION note; Kindly consult your respected text books for the practice of practical questions. Thanks It is a graphical  representation of data to help understanding pattern , relationship and distributions .It is the method that provides the quickest understanding of the actual situation to be explained by data comparison to tabular and textual  presentation …

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Government Budget  1. A government budget is an annual financial statement showing item wise estimates of expected revenue and anticipated expenditure during a fiscal year. 2. Budget has two parts: (a) Receipts; and (b) Expenditure. 3. Objectives of budget: (a)  Reallocation of resources: Private enterprises always desire to allocate resources to those areas of production …

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